GreenShield Offsets Announces Lifetime EV Offset Sale

Press Release
December 15, 2023

HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, December 15, 2023 / -- GreenShield Offsets, an emission offsetting program, is excited to announce the first sale of personal automotive offsetting coverage specifically to an EV owner. Ron Dimant, a buyer of a new Tesla Model Y (2023) in Dallas, Texas has purchased a GreenShield Offsets lifetime carbon credit offset program of ten (10) credits (1 credit = 1 metric ton of carbon) through Premier Transactions Group in California. This sale marks a significant step in enabling everyday consumers’ ability to make an immediate impact in mitigating their personal carbon output and environmental impact. Mr. Dimant is covered effective January 1, 2024, and for the lifetime emissions related to the vehicle's electricity usage.

Based on EPA data and GreenShield Offsets’ innovative and patent pending emission offsetting program, our customer will help reduce the environmental impact of their vehicle’s electricity usage. “I’m already reducing my environmental footprint by driving an electric vehicle,” Mr. Dimant said. “I purchased GreenShield Offsets coverage because I wanted to go above and beyond in offsetting any environmental footprint associated with the infrastructure required to build, maintain, and charge an electric vehicle.” This immediate impact initiative is new and rare, and previously unavailable to the environmentally conscious general consumers. John Terrill, Head of Sales for GreenShield, said “This purchase demonstrates that offsetting isn’t just for internal combustion vehicles but for EVs, fleets, and most major transportation activities abroad. Every consumer can now make a direct and individual difference to a better environment”.

GreenShield Offsets’ operations boast several features that distinguish it from other offsetting programs: 1.Operate as a turnkey one-stop carbon offset portfolio and risk manager 2.Managed by a financial services group with affiliated SEC/CFTC-regulated operations 3. Integrated with a proprietary environmental registry and custodial functions and 4. Diversified to manage risk, minimize costs, and maximize impact.

The GreenShield Offsets approach: 1. Provides companies and consumers with a professionally managed program for transportation, logistics, and special events 2. Creates pools of credits dedicated to the required and specialized needs of the buyer in either voluntary or compliance markets and 3. Independent evaluation and credit selection are managed by experienced risk managers

In an industry-first approach, GreenShield Offsets has revolutionized carbon offsetting by introducing Carbon Asset Pools (CAPs). This innovative strategy diversifies offset pools, allowing for a more robust and risk-managed approach to environmental stewardship. Through CAPs, GreenShield will create combined pools of engineered solution projects, ranging from direct air capture, methane abatement, and sequestration-in-place projects to high-quality nature-based programs in global forestry and agriculture. This approach enables pool-buying companies to diversify against potential reversals, avoid concentration risk, and be less reliant on any single project while effectively managing offsetting expenses.

About GreenShield Offsets (GSO)

A Houston-based company that specializes in automating the carbon/emissions offsetting process with patent-pending quantification and offset management methodologies. The GSO program integrates seamlessly into existing business offerings to enable consumers to lower their carbon footprint at the point of sale or over a measurable time period. GreenShield Offsets’ focus is to be the one-stop program for global companies and organizations to manage their environmental credits in a financial and risk management

About Premier Transactions Group

A California-based automotive dealership services company led by Brady Schmidt. Mr. Schmidt is the owner of National Business Brokers, the largest automotive dealership brokerage company in the US, an owner and dealer principal of four new car dealerships located in California and Hawaii, and a recent gubernatorial appointee to the California New Motor Vehicle Board.

For More Information: For further details about this partnership or to learn more about GreenShield Offsets, please contact John Terrill at

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