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GreenShield Offsets (GSO) was designed and developed to automate the carbon/emissions offsetting process with patent-pending quantification and offset management methodologies. The GSO program integrates seamlessly into existing business offerings to enable consumers to lower their carbon footprint at the point of sale or over a measurable time period.

We work with companies to:
1. Measure/Track
2. Purchase/Structure Offset Pool, and
3. Manage Portfolio and Risk 

Case Studies

Like a financial portfolio manager, our Carbon Portfolio Managers create a custom GSO plan for a company to manage its carbon risk exposure. A GSO program is part of the overall carbon portfolio management process.

From measurement, risk tolerance, and portfolio suitability, GSO creates a diversified Carbon Asset Pool (CAP) covering the business or consumer, with CAP size based on estimated emissions impact . At the end of the offsetting period, GSO calculates the necessary offsets based on data provided by the sponsoring entity and retires offsets from CAP in a proper risk-managed process.

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Emissions offsets are a crucial tool in the fight against global warming. They work by allowing individuals, businesses, or organizations to compensate for their unavoidable emissions by investing in projects that reduce or remove an equivalent amount of greenhouse gases elsewhere.

Purchasing carbon offsets helps companies demonstrate environmental responsibility, comply with regulations, enhance their corporate reputation, prepare for future regulations, and support impactful projects and innovation. Below are a number of reasons for purchasing offsets:

Environmental Responsibility Commitment

By purchasing carbon credits, a company directly contributes to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. This action aligns with environmental responsibility and demonstrates a commitment to a healthier planet through a lower-carbon economy.

Compliance with Regulations and Standards

Many countries and regions have regulations and various industries maintain standards for carbon emissions. Purchasing carbon credits can help companies comply with these regulations, avoid potential fines, and meet industry standards. This is particularly relevant for companies in sectors with excessive emissions.

Enhancing Corporate Reputation

Engaging in carbon offsetting can enhance a company's reputation among consumers, investors, and stakeholders. Today’s consumers are increasingly environmentally conscious, and companies that take active steps to reduce their carbon footprint are often viewed more favorably. This can lead to increased customer loyalty, better brand perception, and potentially, increased market share.

Preparation for Future Regulations

By investing in carbon credits now, companies can prepare for potential future regulations that may impose stricter limits on carbon emissions or require offsetting. Early action can provide a competitive advantage and ease the transition to stricter environmental standards.

Support for Sustainable Projects and Innovation

Purchasing carbon credits often supports projects that would not be viable without such funding. These projects can include renewable energy, reforestation, direct air capture, or improved technologies. By supporting these projects, companies not only offset their emissions but also contribute to technological and social innovations that have long-term environmental benefits.

GSO was developed by financial professionals to deliver bespoke offset management services. The GSO team is comprised of financial, environmental, and risk management experts. Our portfolio Managers are experts in pool and portfolio construction, with every Portfolio Manager being securities and/or commodities licensed. The GSO team and program differentiate ourselves through:


Authentication, registry access, and exchange functions through strategic/preferred partners and affiliates

Risk Management

From initiation of a program variable and program pool mix is based on each specific client’s requirements

Asset Management Operations

All programs are designed and operated for C-Suite understanding and reporting

Industry Knowledge

Strong removal emission industry knowledge in energy/hydrocarbons as well as traditional nature-based and technology credits

Pool Mix

A GSO program conducts the due diligence of individual credits relieving company buyers from this task


Experienced regulated securities, commodities, and registered investment managers

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