Frequently Asked Questions

What is GreenShield?

GreenShield is a B2B/B2B2C emission offsetting program designed to help consumers and businesses reduce their environmental impact.

Why would consumers be interested in GreenShield?

Consumers who are eco-conscious appreciate GreenShield's ability to provide a tangible way to offset the emissions impact of their purchases, which can be integrated directly at the point of sale or cover an entire category of business activity by default.

How does GreenShield appeal to environmentally conscious customers?

GreenShield aligns with the values of customers who prioritize the environment by offering businesses the capability to provide offsetting options, thereby attracting these consumers.

Why should businesses choose to work with GreenShield?

Businesses benefit from GreenShield's program which not only draws environmentally minded customers but also demonstrates proactive engagement with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) goals, a key concern for modern stakeholders.

How does GreenShield determine a business's offset needs?

GreenShield works collaboratively with businesses to assess whether a B2B or B2B2C model fits their strategy better and then helps determine their offset needs accordingly.

What is the Carbon Asset Pool (CAP) in GreenShield?

The CAP is a diversified portfolio of carbon offsets created by GreenShield, tailored to cover the estimated emissions impact of business and consumer activities.

What happens at the end of an offsetting period with GreenShield?

At the end of the offsetting period, GreenShield calculates the necessary offsets based on data provided by the partner and retires the appropriate amount of offsets from the CAP.

What services does GreenShield offer to businesses?

GreenShield offers two primary services:
· B2B: Offset entire business operations or specific high-profile activities.
· B2B2C: Allow businesses to offer individual customers the option to offset their specific transactions.

What is GreenShield's approach to carbon offsetting?

GreenShield uses advanced analytics and risk management strategies to provide customized carbon offset solutions, with a focus on collaboration, innovation, and transparency.

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